Redesigned the “Purple Pie” man which debuted through comic books, apps, and collectible toys.  Giving him a more up to date hipster look and a slightly younger persona with the purple hair. He was first seen on the 1st issue of IDW's Strawberry Shortcake comic book launch.
Worked closely with IDW's Associate Publisher to create some of the most beautiful and eye catching comics.  IDW gave us the perfect platform to showcase Strawberry Shortcake today and play up some of the gorgeous retro art and looks from the 80's using variant covers. 
Coordinated with the the publishing group to cross promote the 1st scented Funko Pops and the IDW comic books.  Created and exclusive cover for IDW with the retro Funko Pop figures, and an exclusive retro Purple Pieman that was launched at ComicCon.    
Working in conjunction with the content team, we were able to develop original content shorts called Strawberry Shortcake Beyond The Box.  Satirical and quick witted humor using social and pop cultural references and lingo.  Helped to promote the doll line developed with The Bridge Direct created after the characters in Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty City. Below is one of the hilariously popular episodes which was aired on YouTube.  
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